What is a "Worldview"?

Our worldview is the view we have of ourselves and the world we live in. It is the framework in which we try to make sense of life. It provides us with a blueprint that helps us decide what is important and what is not and what we should and shouldn't do. It shapes our actions, our thoughts, our motives, our relationships, our choice of friends and our communities. Underlying our worldview are certain basic beliefs. Everyone has a worldview but not everyone can spell out what these beliefs are. They may be held consciously or unconsciously.


There is a close link between worldviews and education. Our education strongly influences our worldview and our worldview governs our educational preferences. You will find a brief outline of the Covenant Christian School worldview below. A little thought will show it is very different from the secular world view adopted by almost all schools today.

Covenant Christian Worldview

We are in a great universe created by the one true God, a holy God who is all powerful and all knowing yet personal, loving, good and wise. We live on Earth, the planet He specially made for us. We are human beings, part of God's creation and made in His image. We have a real purpose in life which is to glorify God. This can be achieved by having the right relationship with Him, by worshipping him, by serving others and by looking after His creation.

How do we know what we ought to do?

God shows us what He is like through His creation and the Bible, which shows us what we should and should not do.Humans have rebelled against God by disobeying Him, selfishly wanting to do everything our way. Our sin has broken our relationship with Him. From the start, this brought a curse upon the Earth.

How can we put everything back on course?

First we must be sorted out. God has already provided a remedy . He came down to Earth to die on a cross and take the shame of sin and the punishment in our place. Our relationship with Him will be restored, if we turn away from evil and trust in Him. Through obeying Him, we can help restore the world He made and our lives have real meaning, real purpose and a real and happy eternal destiny.