Scripture teaches that the ultimate responsibility for the education of children lies not with the state but with parents (Eph 6:4). We therefore seek to make our school environment like that of a home and expect parents, where possible, to be actively involved in the life of the school. Often the parents have carried out much of the teaching and helping in the classrooms. Some have undertaken maintenance work, some administration, some transport or cleaning. In addition some have served on the Management Committee.


The school's entire income is based on that provided by its families. There are no fixed fees. What families pay for their children's education at Covenant will depend on their income and their involvement in the work of the school. For example, a parent who had two children and was willing and able to teach two days a week in the school need pay no fees at all.



As a Christian School we rely on the guidance and provision of God. Half-termly prayer meetings are a vital element of school life. Parents are also expected to attend School Association meetings and training evenings so they can develop and maintain an overall view of the school, its organisation, its methods and its plans for the future.