The school operates under the auspices of the Christian Education Trust (registered charity number 510721). There are five trustees, all evangelical Christians. They meet from time to time to check that the school is working within the scope of the Trust Deed and to vet the annual reports and balance sheet.

The general running of the school, however, is in the hands of the parents themselves. All families who have pupils at the school are members of the School Association which meets at least once a term. Those who can subscribe to the Evangelical Basis of Faith of the school can vote at the meetings and stand for election to the Management Committee. The Management Committee is composed of parents and teachers. It can have up to nine members and is responsible for dealing with the issues that arise from time to time, the development of the school and the making of its policies. To ensure parents are made aware of its decisions, its minutes are sent to the school families. These families are entitled to discuss them and challenge the Management Committee decisions at the end of term  School Association Meetings.


Each class has a Class Co-ordinator who is responsible for leading and co-ordinating the parent and teachers responsible for delivering its teaching programme.